7 Suggestions To Give Your Chimi Business Cards The Wow Factor

The business card can often be the first thing people see about you and your business. It can also influence the lasting impressions that are often left as your relationships grow. It’s important to keep your business cards current and attractive. Although it may only be one piece of cardboard, your business cards can communicate a lot about you, your employees, and your brand’s personality. These are my top seven tips to create a business card that give your customers the wow factor

1. Make a chimi business card that represents you brand
Colour, texture, and shape all can play a part. Your business card should reflect your personality and provide all information. A business card for a divorce lawyer had a perforated line running through its middle, making it easy to tear into two. Simple, but effective.

2. The standard information should be included on your business card
These details include the company name, card holder’s names, job title, email address, phone number, and address. This allows people to get in touch with you in many ways. Business cards are still used for the same purpose, but digitalisation has changed how people think and act. For maximum engagement, include important details online such as your web address, Twitter handle and QR Code.

3. It is all about size
So that they are easy to carry in wallets and rolodexes, keep them to the same size as business cards. It is best to avoid regular sizing.

4. Creativity is a good thing
While you must keep your chimi business cards to a certain size, it is possible to stand out with unique shapes. This is especially true if you are a creative company that’s just beginning and wants to be different from the rest. For example, a photographer could have a business card that looks like a lens.

5. Visuals are very important
Your first impression is everything. Make sure yours is memorable! Consider including a photo of you and your employees on your business card. To make your photograph stand out, you can ask a designer for a digital hand-drawn illustration. This is a great way for your brand to be displayed as a whole and gives you a visual idea of your business.

6. You can use both sides of business cards.
You can make the front and back of your card stand out by including a larger logo, an additional image or a quote from someone you trust.

7. Get expert advice
It’s okay to ask for professional advice. It is worth making a long-term investment to ensure that your business cards are perfect. For some creative inspiration and expert advice, you can enlist the assistance of a professional designer to ensure that your cards are in line with your overall business vision. This will help you make a lasting impression.

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